Segrano – Futuristic Geometric Fonts

Unleash your imagination with geometric-based shapes and futuristic vibes offered by Segrano. this font empowers you to explore endless possibilities and express your creativity in ways that push the boundaries of conventional design.

With Segrano font, your designs will effortlessly embody the essence of tomorrow. Whether you’re working on sci-fi book covers, space-themed websites, futuristic posters, or high-tech branding, this font will infuse your creations with a sense of awe-inspiring innovation and sleek modernity.

What’s Inside:

  • Segrano-Regular.otf
  • Segrano-Regular.ttf
  • Segrano-Regular.woff
  • Segrano-Regular.woff2
  • Segrano-Regular.eot

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Segrano – Futuristic Geometric Fonts
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