Calisatt – Brush SVG Texture Fonts

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Introducing Calisatt. A fast stroke brush and ink SVG fonts. Comes up in both version, SVG and regular. Packed up with a bunch of ligatures in both version makes this font looks so natural and feels like you’re writing by yourself. Perfectly fit for a title or display, branding, moodboard concept, beauty fashion stuff, etc. Release your youth spirit with this time-saver font.

SVG fonts will only work in Mac and PC Photoshop CC2017+ & Illustrator CC2018+

What you’ll get :

  • Calissat SVG font
  • Calissat Regular font

*note : the size of the SVG version are big because it included the ligatures and multilanguage support too.

Since SVG fonts are bitmap based font, i suggest to not make it bigger more if you see some decreased quality in the letters.

Use it with love and fun, that’s important.

Please don’t be hesitate to ask us if you have any question regarding this font.

Thank you,

Konstantine Studio

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Calisatt – Brush SVG Texture Fonts
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