Once upon a time, in the creative realms of 2014, two visionary souls, Abdilah and Ian, embarked on a journey that would shape their destinies forever. Fuelled by their passion for graphic design and illustration, they set their sights on conquering the realm of fashion, apparel, and merchandise.

With unwavering determination, they embarked on a quest to create a haven of artistic excellence—a place where dreams and visions took tangible form. After the Greek word for “constant”, They wanted their studio to be a place where creativity was always flowing, and where new ideas were always being born.

Thus, Konstantine Studio was born—an embodiment of their aspirations, an independent typeface foundry, a sanctuary where fonts and digital graphic design assets flowed freely.

They toiled tirelessly, pouring their hearts and souls into their craft. And as their talents blossomed, a new flame ignited within their hearts—a burning desire to expand their horizons and connect with fellow creators on a deeper level.

At Konstantine Studio, we invite you to share your story, your wildest dreams, and your most audacious ideas. Our purpose is to transform your visions into reality, forging an unforgettable collaboration that transcends the ordinary. With passion as our guiding force and creativity as our weapon, we pledge to devote our entire being to manifesting your dreams.

So, fellow dreamer, take our hands and embark on this epic journey together. Together, we shall weave tales of wonder, paint brushstrokes of beauty, and breathe life into the extraordinary. Konstantine Studio is not merely a name; it is a promise—a pledge of unwavering dedication to making your creative endeavors an everlasting testament to our shared passion.

Welcome to our realm. Let your imagination soar, and let us create a legacy that shall resonate through the ages. Together, we can create something truly special.


Ian Irwan Wismoyo
Co - Founder // TYpe designer // Lettering artist